Demo Working Group received the 'Förderpreis für junge Künstlerinnen und Künstler Nordrhein-Westfalen' in 2022.

Tim Panzer studied architecture at RWTH, graduating with distinction in 2012. During and after his studies he worked for various offices, including Benthem Crowel, Nicolic-Döring, Brück-Dürkop and FaR. He has taught as Assistant Professor of Construction, Planning and Realization with Prof. Sabine Brück and Prof.i.V.Ir. Fred Humblé at RWTH, and currently teaches as Assistant Professor of Architectural Space and Design at KIT with Prof. Marc Frohn. Tim is co-devolper of the web based archive with Prof. Frohn. With him and Federico Perugini they contributed the Arch+ Exhibition 'Cohabitation'.

Matthias Hoffmann studied architecture at RWTH Aachen University, UPC Barcelona and TU Vienna, graduating with distinction from RWTH in 2011. After completing his studies, he worked for several years at BeL Sozietät für Architektur, Cologne.
He graduated with distinction in Arno Brandlhuber's postgraduate master class 'Architecture and urban research' at the Academy of Fine Arts Nürnberg. He taught as Assistant Professor of Architectural Space and Design at KIT with Professor Marc Frohn and lectured at Peter Behrens School of Arts, Düsseldorf. He was interim professor at Münster School of Architecture from 2022-2023.

Thorsten Pofahl studied architecture at RWTH Aachen University and École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Malaquais. He currently works at the Chair of Structures and Structural Design, RWTH Aachen University, both as Assistant Professor and Research Associate.

Wiebke Schlüter was Demo Partner from 2020 until 2022.

Team members since 2020

Fabrizio Canessa
Ester Cvilikovska

Selim Esel

Daryan Knoblauch
Christopher Neuwirth
Marius Plasczymonka
Pauline Prinz
Gina Rauschtenberger
Vincent Ruffra

Moana Ühlein
Clemens Urban
Jan Voigt

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